What Buying a Houston Home with Asrani Partners looks like:

Our Promise:

We understand that your needs are unique to you and we take care to learn everything that will help us guide you not just to a home that fits your budget and size needs, but that will fit you on every level that matters. If you have little kids, we’ll take care to ensure that every neighborhood you look at has a fantastic school for your little ones to go to. If you are accustomed to running ten miles on a deserted trail before the sun comes up or when you get home from work – we’ll find properties adjacent to the best places for you to do that. Of course sometimes there will be a need for a compromise, but know this: we will never rush your decision or push you into a purchase that you will not be happy with for any reason. We are helping you find a home in every sense of the word.

Brief Outline of the Process:

Initial Consultation: we will ask lots of probing questions in an attempt to get to know your preferences, and these will extend beyond just the type of property you are looking for. We’ll need to learn what is truly important to you to be able to help you find that ideal home.

Financing Consultation & Help if Needed: it is always easier to submit an offer on a property when buyer’s financing has already been taken care of. We will gladly assist you with getting a pre-approval if you don’t already have one.

Customized Search Portal: once we have gone over what you are looking for and you’d answered all the questions about your desired home, neighborhood, amenities and any other needs that you have, we’ll set you up with a search portal that is designed around YOUR needs. This way we can start your search using all the parameters that are important to you instead of hoping to randomly stumble on a perfect home.

Streamlined Communication: we will keep you abreast of everything that we do on your behalf. You’ll never have to hound us for an answer to a question, nor will you have to rely on some outdated or proprietary mode of communication at any point in the process. Simply tell us how you prefer to handle paperwork and communication and we’ll do that, whether by phone, in person, email, text – or anything else you like.

Details: there are many tiny little things that can go wrong with any real estate transaction simply because a detail or a bit of timeline got overlooked. We won’t let that happen. We will take care of everything that needs to be done so you don’t have to worry about it. Should an inspection reveal structural or other faults in a property – we’ll negotiate on your behalf to ultimately get you the property you want at the best price and terms. Should a contractor cancel a scheduled repair – we’ll deal with reschedule it for you. In essence, while we are working with you, we are your advisors and your advocates and our goal is to make this experience not only a painless one, but a joyous one.

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