What Selling Your Houston Home with Asrani Partners looks like:

Our Promise:

We will do everything in our power to make sure that your needs are met throughout the process of selling your home and that we honor and respect your priorities. Whatever your reasons for selling are, we will guide you through this start to finish in a way that is least stressful for your next journey. Whether it means helping your find just the right storage facility for those old archival photos or finding someone to help you move into your new place, no matter where it happens to be – we’ll be there, listening, helping, making arrangements, so that you can focus on the next thing, wherever it takes you…

Brief Outline of the Process:

Initial Consultation: we will ask lots of probing questions in an attempt to get to know your needs now and in the immediate future.

Property Evaluation: we don’t just crunch numbers and hand you a printout with what we (or some computer algorithm) thinks your property is worth. We analyze all the details – from any updates you may have made to the more subtle things, down to moods and textures. We then make recommendations for anything that might benefit from an uplift, whether it amounts to a small bit of landscaping or a few fixtures that could stand to be replaced to full fledged staging, if it makes financial sense to do so. We will help through all of it.

Staging: we understand that we all have our own personal styles. You may have collected many objects that are meaningful to you over the years, and those objects make your home uniquely yours. A potential buyer, however, needs to be able to picture themselves living in that space. This is why we stage every single property that we market. Your home needs to be able to fit into someone else’s dreams, and staging helps us accomplish that.

Brilliant Marketing & Presentation: your property will be professionally photographed from all the best angels, inside and outside. We will craft human-centric descriptions of not just the home, but the neighborhood and what it’s like to live there. We will create a beautiful website to present your home to the world, and we’ll let the world know about your home in every channel that consumers use to search for properties as well as in customized direct mail pieces that we’ll send out to strategically selected prospects. In short – it will be marketed start to finish the way it should be, the way one’s biggest investment deserves.

Streamlined Communication: we will keep you abreast of everything that we do on your behalf. You’ll never have to hound us for an answer to a question, nor will you have to rely on some outdated or proprietary mode of communication at any point in the process. Simply tell us how you prefer to handle paperwork and communication and we’ll do that, whether by phone, in person, email, text – or anything else you like.

Details: there are many tiny little things that can go wrong with any real estate transaction simply because a detail or a bit of timeline got overlooked. We won’t let that happen. We will take care of everything that needs to be done so you don’t have to worry about it. In essence, while we are working with you, we are your advisors and your advocates and our goal is to make this experience as stress free for you as we can, and of course to get you the results you need.

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